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Burnout to Balanced Success

What Clients Say

"Our team here at Amazon benefitted immensely from the talk that Neeta gave. At first we were not sure of the signs of burnout but Neeta helped provide tips and identifiers and also shared her experiences of working in the tech industry that was completely relatable."

 Shrey Gupta - Engineering Manager, Amazon

Go from Burnout to
High  Performance , while reclaiming

Ease ,




Freedom .

Do you ever wonder HOW some people have nailed that perfect balance in their professional and personal lives, without burning both ends of the candle?

If the idea of integrating your wellness goals, purpose, passions and values into a Health strategy sounds like the right next for you, then let’s chat.


Wellness Is Utterly Custom & Holistic.

Often there is this one missing piece, which often sits in our blindspot.

Addressing this ONE domino, can lead to unstoppable momentum on our wellness journey and lead to high performance.

If you said yes to any of the below, I would love to speak with you.


Do you love what you do, but have reached a point of burnout?


Have you got misaligned with your values, strengths or life’s purpose?


You are savvy about healthy eating and motivated to show up at the gym, but still there is some stuckness.


You love working long hours and struggle with embracing ease.


You are contemplating quitting your current job and have likely drafted a resignation email a few times.


Is Overwhelm your middle name or Busy your last name?


You pride yourself on your hardworking nature, but this trait often comes in the way of your wellness?


You are beginning to feel early signs of burnout - eg. Brain fog, irritation, lack of motivation.


You have checked all the proverbial boxes, but still feel unaccomplished.


When asked by a close friend, Joy is the biggest missing factor in your life.

Book your Strategy Call to get started on finding your health domino.

Meet Neeta Jain


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