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Elevate. Empower. Balance.

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Keynotes & Workshops

Neeta will deliver an engaging and motivating session whether you are planning an in-person event or a virtual workshop. She combines actionable research-backed tips with vulnerable relatable stories for the audience.

Neeta is a TEDx speaker and has spoken at tech and financial services companies, including Amazon, where she spoke to a virtual audience with a reach of 60,000 employees.

Here is what clients are saying

" Our team here at Amazon benefitted immensely from the talk that Neeta gave. At first we were not sure of the signs of burnout but Neeta helped provide tips and identifiers and also shared her experiences of working in the tech industry that was completely relatable."

- Shrey Gupta - Engineering Manager, Amazon

Speaker Topics:

Keynote: How to build a Balanced leadership style?

Keynote: Achieving Peak performance with peace.

Workshop: Go from Stressed out to Blissed out in 5 steps.

Workshop: Self-care for Care-givers (Working parents & Eldercare).

Workshop: Overcome People-pleasing and Become a Boundary boss.

Workshop: Navigating Invisibility as Women in the workforce.

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Neeta’s workshops and speaking events focus on the following audiences:

AAPI & Pan-Asian ERGs.

Working parents and Caregivers.

Women ERGs / Women in Leadership groups.

Engineering, Tech, and Product management teams.

C-suite leaders.

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