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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

As corporations, improving the health and productivity of the employees is a WIN-WIN scenario.

I can help you build an effective employee wellness program based on your unique company work culture. By doing so, you are not only empowering your employees, but also lowering the cost of employer-provided health care.

From an employee’s point of view:

Improved employee morale

Higher productivity

Higher engagement

From an employer’s standpoint:

Lowered health care costs

Reduced absenteeism

Reduced workers' compensation and disability-related costs.


As a wellness consultant, I work with organizations to provide consulting and coaching services to develop a custom wellness program that works for your needs.

The focus is to view the wellness program as a holistic one, where the employees within your organization are working toward their fullest potential by leading an active, nourished, mindful and productive lifestyle.

This approach incorporates nutritious balanced meals, sleep hygiene tips, stress management guidance and tools for productivity.

Book your call for availability & pricing and I can share how I can help your organization develop an outcome focussed and customized plan, so that your employees thrive! 

My services are offered in three formats:


Group Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Note: Depending on the needs of your organization, we can create a custom mix of all of the offerings below.



The workshops are 60 minute sessions  with time for Q&A.

I also offer office hours as a follow up, for any questions and clarifications required.

Here are a list of workshop topics:


Sleep Hygiene

  • Lifestyle tips for better sleep

  • Importance of routines: Morning & Night

  • Nutrition tips to promote deep sleep

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Best Practices To Prevent Burnout

  • Recognizing signs of Overwhelm and Burnout

  • Setting Boundaries effectively

  • Finding your village: Mobilizing internal & external resources

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Productivity and Wellness

  • Why overwhelm has a domino effect on our wellness

  • Work-life integration vs Work Life balance

  • Energy management vs Time management

Nutrition pic.jpeg

Nutrition Coaching Sessions

  • Intuitive eating and how to create balanced meals

  • Tips to overcome Sugar addiction

  • Meal prep tips for everyone

  • How to read food labels & shop groceries with confidence

group prgrms


The goal of group programs is to get the employee from a burnout state to high performance, where they are highly productive but also embracing ease and purpose.  Here is the format of the group sessions:

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Group Programs

  • 6 LIVE weekly Zoom sessions. Ask me about in-person availability

  • The sessions are recorded calls

  • Office hours weekly

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This is offered as a 6 month program and reserved for a limited set of employees.

The goal of this program is personal development and coming up with personalized plans to help the employee go from stuck to high performance.


1:1 Coaching

  • The sessions are offered bi-weekly or monthly.

  • In addition to 1:1 coaching time, they will also have access to recorded training videos focused on Nutrition, Sleep Hygiene and Productivity.

Contact For Availability & Pricing

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